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Siberia season 1 episode 1Episode 1: Pilot

Sixteen contestants from around the world are dropped off by helicopter into an unpopulated Siberian wilderness. With only the clothes on their backs,...

Air Date: Jul 01, 2013

Siberia season 1 episode 2Episode 2: A Question Of Reality

A shocking announcement causes the dwindling number of contestants to lose one more. Emotions are heightened which increases hostility among the conte...

Air Date: Jul 08, 2013

Siberia season 1 episode 4Episode 4: Fire In The Sky

Very personal relationships begin to evolve and take shape among the contestants, but the bonds are altered by a mysterious phenomenon which lights-up...

Air Date: Jul 22, 2013

Siberia season 1 episode 5Episode 5: What She Said

The intensity of the contest heats up as real and surreal events create anxiety, mystery and jeopardy. Esther proves her prowess as a strategic player...

Air Date: Jul 29, 2013

Siberia season 1 episode 6Episode 6: Out of the Frying Pan

When Johnny, Joyce, and Daniel return with news of the bloody scene left behind at the abandoned producers' basecamp, Esther is the object of an angry...

Air Date: Aug 05, 2013

Siberia season 1 episode 7Episode 7: First Snow

Plunging temperatures and withering hope, push some of the contestants to the edge of sanity, requiring one to be tied down while another's life hangs...

Air Date: Aug 19, 2013

Siberia season 1 episode 8Episode 8: A Gathering Fog

With the sudden and mysterious disappearance of some contestants, and those remaining split into two groups to find help or rescue, natural and supern...

Air Date: Aug 26, 2013

Siberia season 1 episode 9Episode 9: One by One

Joyce, Daniel, Sam, and Johnny look for power at the research station and make a horrifying and grisly discovery. Meanwhile back at the cabins, one of...

Air Date: Sep 02, 2013

Siberia season 1 episode 10Episode 10: Strange Bedfellows

Neeko, Miljan, and Sabina are abducted by a hostile local tribe and fearing for their lives make a surprising discovery at natives' camp. Meanwhile, J...

Air Date: Sep 09, 2013