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It's fright or flight on Friday nights! The world of the unknown debuts on TLC with Kindred Spirits. This show follows renowned ghost hunters Amy Bruni and Adam Berry as they help real families who are tormented by paranormal activity in their homes. Scared by the mysterious happenings, but hesitant to pick up and leave their homes, these families have turned to two of America's leading paranormal investigators to capture evidence, guide the spirits into the light and bring closure to family.

Premiere Date: Oct/21/2016

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Mystery

Most Recent Episodes

Kindred Spirits season 1 episode 7

Season 1, Episode 7: Shadows

A menacing ghost frightens an 11-year-old girl and she refuses to sleep alone in her room; Amy and Adam uncover answers about a disturbed grave of a giant Native American man. ...

Air Date: Dec 02, 2016

Kindred Spirits season 1 episode 8

Season 1, Episode 8: Buried Alive

An unknown entity torments a teenager afraid to live in his own home; Amy and Adam investigate a creepy crawlspace in an upstairs bedroom that could be tied to the tragic death of a grandfather who was buried alive. ...

Air Date: Dec 09, 2016


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