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In Designated Survivor, when the President, VP, and Cabinet all meet in one location for an event such as the State of the Union, one Cabinet member is conspicuously missing: the Designated Survivor. Hidden away in an undisclosed location with Presidential-level security, the Designated Survivor is ready to take the reins of the President should the unthinkable happen and the rest of the government is wiped out in an attack.

Premiere Date: Sep/21/2016

Genre: Drama

Most Recent Episodes

Designated Survivor season 2 episode 9

Season 2, Episode 9: Three-Letter Day

After sorting through thousands of letters all requesting something of president, the White House staff are assigned three, with Emily, Seth, Aaron, Llyor and Kendra joining forces to get answers and possibly save a life. Meanwhile, Hannah and Damian...

Air Date: Dec 06, 2017

Designated Survivor season 2 episode 10

Season 2, Episode 10: Line of Fire

It's Christmas Day and President Kirkman is alerted to a group of religious extremists who refuse to evacuate when a forest fire threatens to engulf their cabin. Deploying Emily and Aaron to help diffuse the situation, Kirkman must act quickly t...

Air Date: Dec 13, 2017


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