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Chicago Fire season 6 episode 1Episode 1: It Wasn't Enough

With most of the squad still trapped inside the burning warehouse fire, Chief Boden makes a risky last-minute decision in an effort to save his men...

Air Date: Sep 28, 2017

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 2Episode 2: Ignite on Contact

After learning the school fire wasn't an accident, Chief Boden turns up the pressure on Severide and Casey to investigate the cause of the fire tha...

Air Date: Oct 05, 2017

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 3Episode 3: An Even Bigger Surprise

Lt. Casey gets off on the wrong foot with Sam Mullins, a temporary Chief who is filling in for Boden at House 51 for the morning. When Casey later ...

Air Date: Oct 12, 2017

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 4Episode 4: A Breaking Point

While running a secret errand, Dawson finds herself trapped in a collapsed parking structure. With all paths of exit blocked, she is forced to impr...

Air Date: Oct 19, 2017

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 5Episode 5: Devil's Bargain

Casey and Severide find themselves at odds after Casey argues with him over the best way to save a teenager entangled in barbed wire. When Casey lo...

Air Date: Oct 26, 2017

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 6Episode 6: Down is Better

After heroically saving a mother and newborn baby from a rooftop fire, Kidd receives surprising news when she discovers she is being transferred ou...

Air Date: Nov 02, 2017